How to Become a More Impactful Leader

Leaders can become more impactful by taking these five actions.

Be mindful of work-life balance

Leaders cannot expect their workers to be productive all the time. This is not realistic. Sometimes, employees have issues about health and family. Therefore, companies should have paid sick days and remote work options. Employees can resolve issues and then get back to work. They can now produce high-quality work since they are no longer distracted.

Learn how to compromise

Leaders oversee a group of people with different backgrounds and perspectives. In a meeting, some employees might have one idea while others might be thinking of something completely different. Leaders must be able to listen to everyone’s viewpoints with an open mind and make decisions that satisfy as many people as possible. Impactful leaders serve their workers with no favoritism.

Do not micromanage

Impactful leaders need to remind themselves that they hired qualified people to help the company succeed. Employees should know what their responsibilities are. After giving out instructions for assignments and projects, leaders should let their employees worry about everything else. Do not ask for a status update every five minutes. This is counter-productive because employees will be distracted and not be able to produce their best work. Instead, managers should schedule periodic meetings where employees are expected to talk about their progress.

Be approachable

Good leaders keep their office doors open. They can easily be reached if people have questions or concerns. They are not feared. Scared employees are hesitant to tell managers about issues affecting the company. This is detrimental to the organization’s wellbeing because little things add up over time. The whole company may implode as a result. Therefore, leaders must be kind and strong to avoid unpleasant situations.

Get people excited

Managers cannot just set goals and expect employees to follow through. They must let everyone understand why those goals are significant. Managers must discuss how specific goals will benefit the company and the broader community. Give motivational speeches and align performance with compensation. Create achievable goals that will not overwhelm employees.

Leaders who implement these five actions will become more impactful by improving their interpersonal skills.




James Durkin is the founder of Property Source Investments where he helps his clients with managing their accounts from acquisition to closing.

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James Durkin

James Durkin

James Durkin is the founder of Property Source Investments where he helps his clients with managing their accounts from acquisition to closing.

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